Intellectual Property (Industrial Property and Copyright)
Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, designs and unfair competition
Consulting and advising in IP
Presentations and expert opinions in IP
Contracts in IP Law
Copyright and trademark licensing (franchising)
Contracts in research
Technology transfer, IT –licensing, Know how-agreements
Trade secrets (know how agreements)
IPR –strategies (esp. for companies and organizations)
Publishing agreements (books, music, entertainment)
Goodwill agreements (rights of publicity, trademarks)
Arbitration and IPR’s

Juris Doctor Rainer Oesch has acted as a professor (commercial law) for several years at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law. He has written several books and articles in the field (patents, copyright, trademarks). He is specialized in intellectual property, industrial property and copyright. Besides his academic tasks he has been active in practice like in consulting for leading law firms, giving legal opinions and presentations for companies and organizations. He has had several positions of trust –both national and international - in organizations (e.g. professional associations in industrial property and copyright, copyright organizations in literary field, also as an advisor for the public sector e.g. for the government and the parliament).